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On the behalf of our broker network and staff, we salute you for working with us to grow your business, employees and our vibrant Barter community.

Thousands of business owners across the country participate in barter transactions to make a difference in their business, family and community. ITEX in San Antonio is, an award winning ITEX Franchise, helping businesses generate new customers by advertising their business to other ITEX members and assisting them with ITEX purchasing needs using ITEX dollars to buy and sell products and services among members instead of spending cash; and simplifying the transaction process with 24x7 online account access.

Barter has been an important part of the world's economy throughout history. In days past, a doctor would accept payment in goods or services, anything from a chicken to construction work. Today, the painter charges the doctor barter dollars to paint the doctor's office, then the painter uses his barter credits to advertise his business and to take his family out to dinner.

Members charge their standard prices in barter dollars; one barter dollar (or credit) equals one cash dollar. Rather than spending cash, network members make purchases with ITEX dollars they have earned by selling their products and services, excess inventory or capacity to other ITEX members in their local community or throughout North America.

Members don't have to want or need each other's goods or services. They can sell and purchase items from any member of the network, which is a major advantage of bartering through a trade exchange over bartering directly with other businesses. Belonging to a barter organization like ITEX generates new business for network members. Member companies needing a product or service will look first for a place to spend barter dollars they have earned.

Barter has come a long way since the farmer paid the doctor with a chicken. The modern version of barter helps small businesses stay competitive and even thrive during good times and bad.

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